What is Custom Facebook Stickers?

Back in early 2013 Facebook implement stickers for their Messenger apps on Android and iOS. There was no implementation of these on PC & MAC, so we grabbed the opportunity and created an extension for both Chrome and Firefox that allowed users around the world to send stickers on desktop computers! Facebook then saw fit to implement stickers nativly on desktop computers and our extension was no long needed.

We then came up with a new extension that allows users to send custom stickers on Facebook. Currently, we only have 3 sets of stickers, but we're aiming for 100+ by the end of the year! You can vote for stickers you want us to include here. Each week we will add new sets based on what you guys voted on!

Current Custom Facebook Stickers:


Collection that consists of different "adviceanimals" - Popular on 9gag and reddit amongst other websites!


We put together an awesome meme-sticker pack with 100+ memes. More will be added in future updates.

Reaction Faces

We made a reaction face pack with a wide range of reaction faces that will suit your needs.

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